Thursday, 2 June 2011

Oxford Road Trip

I went on a road trip to see my friend Sally in Oxford last weekend. We got to go to the Pitt Rivers Museum which is a collection I have wanted to see for quite sometime now. Full of inspiration this place is definitely worth a visit. It is attached to the University of Oxford and was founded in 1884 when Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers (an influential figure in the development of archaeology and anthropology) gave his collection of nearly 20,000 objects to the University. Amongst the thousand of objects I managed to seek out some textiles. Very cute Victorian pincushions above, and hand embroidered pouch and clothing below.

The labelling of all the items intrigued me the most, lots and lots of hand written miniature labels with metal around the edges. I wonder where he got these from? There was so much to see in the museum you could easily spend two or three days looking at it all and I still don't think you would have seen everything.

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