Friday, 17 April 2009

A satisfied Texan

I found this delightful email in my Inbox this morning:

'Afternoon Ellie: It's Thursday the 16th and my postman has just delivered the pkg to me and how thrilled I am with these darling pincushions....... and you were so thoughtful to put MY initials on one! They are the perfect size to sit on the arm of my recliner chair.....(which is my stitching chair) and weighted as they are, will STAY PUT rather than tumbling off onto the floor with the least little movement of my arm. I'm happy that you were willing to go to the time and not to forget the TROUBLE of sending them off to me...............thank you very much and best wishes with your continued work. Keep me advised please of any new things you've come up with? Yours Phyllis'

I aim to please, I'm glad you liked them Phyllis.

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