Thursday, 23 April 2009

Re-tracing old steps

One of the most vivid memories I have of my childhood is that of a box of Tunnocks Teacakes, sat on a high wooden shelving unit in a long, narrow kitchen, in a cottage that looks out to sea in a place called Rockcliffe. Scotland.

Last week I went to re-visit that place.

The old and the new memories now entwined. Highland cows. Beaches of cockle shells. Mabie Forest and no spiders' web. The Clonyard and Hudson the parrot. Beeswing campsite with Beryll the Peril and donkey rides. Yellow flowers against lush greenery. Sandy hills. Dumfries. Loch Arthur Community. A sea of stars. A frost on the tent, crisp to the touch. Down jacket worn at night under a patchwork quilt and knitted blanket.

Andy Goldsworthy you beauty. The Byre, the meeting point, a taster of what's to come. A heavy hike up Bail Hill in search of one of your Striding Arches. Almonds and raisins for energy. Bogs. Lots of them but we still found it. Triumphant at the top. It's a shame the day didn't brighten up for us. View of the landscape through the arch, wind whistling in my ears. Sodden feet. Fruit cake treat for the way down.

So many places I did not recall, so much more to explore. I want to ride my bike in Mabie Forest.

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