Thursday, 22 May 2008

Get down to Bath!

This was taken last Sunday, slightly delirious I'd finished all my work and packaged it up to send down to Bath for this 'Cabinets of Curiosuty' exhibition. The preview night is tomorrow, from 6-9pm, I'm heading down for it to see how it's all come together.

If you want to see some of this....

..and some of the other beauties I've been creating over the past month (that's why I've been a bit illusive on here..) then get to Bath within the next two weeks. It's a group exhibition, there's some really interesting work in it, definitely worth a visit for all the other exciting stuff that's going on in the city (and it's a bank holiday this weekend!). The exhibition ends on June 8th. Location: 12 Dorchester Street. For more info see: (Cabinets of Curiosity)

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