Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fringe Arts Bath 'CABINETS OF CURIOSITY' - Opening night 23rd May

(Anne-Laure Franchette, untitled)

A new collection I've been working away on is going to be part of Fringe Arts Bath. 'Cabinets of Curiosity' will showcase a number of artists from the North West. It's pretty exciting.

'A whole host of contemporary arty stuff happening in some odd and unusual places....
This year's loose theme is 'location'. We will be using underhand and overhand means to present recent and new work by artists from the region and beyond, interpreting the context of the city and drawing your attention to things you may not have noticed or thought of before. Keep your eyes peeled

Fringe Arts Bath (the little sister of Bath Fringe Festival) aims to celebrate and promote contemporary art, showcasing the work of early-career artists and those who find it hard to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery circuit. Each year we organise a 16-day programme of events and exhibitions in Bath.'

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Anonymous said...

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Dahlia said...

Good words.