Tuesday, 19 February 2008

A collaboration of sorts

My mum has been knitting hats all winter. We've not been able to stop her. I went to see my aunt the other weekend, we went for a walk and it was pretty cold, I saw her putting a hat on and thought it looked familiar, I took a closer look, not only was it one of my mums' handknits but it also had two of my cross stitch initial badges on it that i'd given her as a Christmas present. It made me smile so here's a photo..

Hats combined with badges are appearing left, right and centre now, for friends and relatives. I like it.

(Individual images of my range of cross stitch badges will be appearing on here soon)


Anonymous said...

These hats are great, Judith wears hers whilst feeding the sheep in the Derbys Peak District, Sue has a livery yard, needs a warm hat these cold mornings, Sharon, Ian and me wear them training our Bloodhounds, lots of comments from friends, badges are a great talking point, lets see more outdoor people wearing these hats, so lets see more of them, get your orders in to Ellie. Oscar

Anonymous said...