Thursday, 21 February 2008

Changes ahead

Lots of things are changing around me at present but this perhaps is one of the biggest. The house my grandparents lived in and that my aunt now owns is up for sale and is currently in the process of being sold. This house was pivotal to my degree show work, had I not been able to access it, photograph parts of it and just spend time remembering I believe that my work would not have had the impact it does now. There are many memories of my grandparents attached to that house. A lot of time was spent there when I was younger. It's a sad but exciting time for everyone. I keep being told that things change and people move on and that I have to accept...

I owe thanks to my aunt for her patience last year whilst I was going around photographing every inch of the house. I'm sure she thought I was mad.

Before the move takes place I intend to go and stay for a few days and create some new work. I want to spend as much time gathering information and getting details down before it no longer belongs to the Pogodzinzki's.

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