Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Knit & Stitch Show

11th - 14th October 2007

Last week I was down at Alexandra Palace in London, exhibiting my work in the Graduate Showcase section of the Knit & Stitch Show. I've been going to the Harrogate leg of the Knit & Stitch show as a visitor for the past four years I'd say, at Alexandra Palace it was entirely different though. It attracts a far greater variety of people. I remember seeing work at the graduate showcases in previous years and being incredibly impressed and inspired by the standard, to have been part of that this year still feels quite something.

I looked around some of the other exhibitions whilst I was there. I'd read about the work of mother and daughter duo Primmy and Jessie Chorley in the September issue of Selvedge, their work is being exhibited in this years' show. I was pretty excited about seeing it and I can honestly say that for quite some time now I've not seen that much work this by current textile artists which has generated such a reaction in me as their's did. Particularly Primmys' work. It's not just the style that I was drawn to but their background and way of living is especially intriguing. I'd say it's definitely worth a look.

Anyway, here's what my show looked like (the lighting made it hard to get particularly good quality photgraphs)

In the end I enjoyed the challenge of having to display my work slighty differently. I'm glad to say that I think the shelf and table were a success!

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