Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I've been on my holidays

Earlier this month I went to Snowdonia for a week on a Summer jaunt. I stayed in a very cute old cottage near Blaenau ffestiniog. The cottage belongs to a lovely lady who has a passion for making rag rugs. Slate floors covered with rag rugs, walls decorated with them, as you can imagine it was right up my street. The cottage is around 150 years old and was built as a farm workers dwelling, the owner has spent a lot of time and effort attempting to restore it to how she believed it would have been at the time..

A couple of my favourite snaps...

Not only was staying in the cottage a real treat but being in this particular area was very important for me. This is because this is the area my grandparents first lived in when they came to the UK. My grandad worked down the Slate mine at Llechwedd Slate Caverns (I visited these on my trip). I went and found the house they lived in, the very house my mum and aunt grew up in in their early years..

At the bottom of a little valley very near to Blaenau ffestiniog is the house they lived in..

One of my most memorable trips of the week was on the ffestiniog Steam Railway. We caught the train from Porthmadog to Tan y Bwlch. it was very jiggly and smelly but cool non the less!

Those of you who know me and the concepts behind my work, will realise how important and inspiring this holiday was for me.

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