Thursday, 28 January 2010

Selvedge Lovers

As my new edition of Selvedge dropped through the letter box this morning I was already busy making my latest work for them. Origami hearts (by the hundred). This is again a very personal project, the hearts are made from old love letters sent to me over the past ten or so years. It's a first that there is no stitching or fabric involved....This project is going to form a St Valentines window display for their store in London for the whole of February.

The latest edition of the magazine looks like it's a good one, here's what I came across on p.53..

So, if you live in London or are planning a visit in February be sure to pay a visit.

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Tam said...

Hello I am so very glad to have found your work in Selvedge magazine and google you! Looking forward to following your blog.
I work a great deal in English Paper piecing and also embroidery - although not a lot in cross stitch